My Pledges to You

West Mercia has lost over 200 police officers and Labour has stepped in to secure community support officers despite Tory opposition locally.

More police focusing on safer streets and tackling violence

To tackle the increase in violent crime seen over failed to do. To drive down violent crime by having more police on our streets. To ensure women are safe on the street with new laws on harassment and tougher sentences for stalking.


Ensure police are on the beat rather than behind desks

To recruit more police support staff and PCSOs to support police officers to focus on crime not paperwork, and to replace some of the frontline officers which have been lost since the Tories took office in 2010.


Fight the causes of crime by ensuring provision of preventative services

Preventative services like youth clubs play an important role instopping criminal activity, but since 2010 the Conservatives have cut budgets for youth services have been cut by 73% - nearly £1billion – since 2010.


Tougher sentences for rape and domestic violence

Tougher sentences for rape and domestic violence


A new law to ensure victims are at the heart of the criminal justice system

Under the Conservatives, the backlog of serious criminal crises has reached a record high of more than 56,000 cases. Victims are being asked to wait up to 4 years to get their day in court. Increasingly, victims and witnesses are losing faith in the justice system entirely and dropping out of the process because of delays – while violent criminals are dodging jail sentences. A decade of failed Tory ideology led to half of all courts in England and Wales closing between 2010 and 2019.


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